Etch A Sketch 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition

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Celebrate the diamond anniversary of the timeless classic, Etch A Sketch, in style with the exclusive Classic Etch A Sketch 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition. The iconic Etch A Sketch look you know and love has transformed with a new blinged out black diamond contoured frame and clear diamond knobs. Easily draw on the magic screen with the diamond knobs and when you’re finished, shake to erase and start the fun all over again! Get shakin’ and erasin’ in style with the Classic Etch A Sketch 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition!

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Sketch with Style.

Much like a diamond, creating an Etch A Sketch masterpiece requires time, pressure and a little bit of magic. To celebrate Etch A Sketch’s monumental diamond anniversary of 60 years, we’ve released the Etch A Sketch Diamond Edition. Etch out some playtime with this sparkling twist on a classic favorite. This Classic Etch A Sketch is the perfect collector’s item and makes a great gift for all ages.

The Magic Screen
Etch A Sketch - Step 1

Turn left knob to draw left and right.

Etch A Sketch - Step 2

Turn right knob to draw up and down.

Etch A Sketch - Step 3

Turn both knobs together for angles and curves.

Etch A Sketch - Step 4

When you're done, turn over and shake to erase.

Etch A Sketch - Step 5

Etch A Sketch is for ages 3+.

Etch A Sketch - Step 6

No batteries required. Let the fun last forever.