Etch A Sketch Monopoly Limited-Edition

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COMING SOON. Stop scrolling and start rolling! Discover the world’s favorite drawing toy, with a pop culture spin: Classic Etch A Sketch Monopoly Edition! For 60 years, children and adults have been experiencing the magical world of creativity and pencil-free drawing with Etch A Sketch. This limited-edition Monopoly-inspired Etch A Sketch celebrates this major milestone and the popular board game, with a graphic game board frame, game space knobs and the original magic screen to draw on! Etch A Sketch is a great screen alternative – no charging, no batteries, no Wi-Fi needed! When you’re finished a drawing and ready to start another, shake to erase and start the fun all over again! Unplug with the Classics with Etch A Sketch Monopoly Edition!
Two Classics Become One.

For generations, friends and families have gathered together to enjoy hours of fun with Etch A Sketch and Monopoly. These two classic toys never go out of style. Why? Because they ignite the imagination and challenge the mind. To celebrate Etch A Sketch’s 60th and Monopoly's 85th anniversaries, we’ve teamed up to create a new modern classic. This Classic Etch A Sketch is the perfect collector’s item and makes a great gift for all ages.

The Magic Screen
Etch A Sketch - Step 1

Turn left knob to draw left and right.

Etch A Sketch - Step 2

Turn right knob to draw up and down.

Etch A Sketch - Step 3

Turn both knobs together for angles and curves.

Etch A Sketch - Step 4

When you're done, turn over and shake to erase.

Etch A Sketch - Step 5

Etch A Sketch is for ages 3+.

Etch A Sketch - Step 6

No batteries required. Let the fun last forever.