Etch A Sketch Rubik's Cube Limited-Edition

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Discover a new modern classic! The world’s favorite drawing toy, Etch A Sketch has combined with best-selling puzzle, Rubik’s Cube to bring you a unique Classic Etch A Sketch: Rubik’s Cube Edition! For 60 years, children and adults have been experiencing the magical world of creativity and pencil-free drawing with Etch A Sketch. This limited-edition Rubik’s Cube-inspired Etch A Sketch celebrates this major milestone and the 40th anniversary of the mysterious 3D puzzle, with a colorful Rubik’s Cube mosaic frame, cube knobs and the original magic screen to draw on! Etch A Sketch is a great screen alternative – no charging, no batteries, no Wi-Fi needed! When you’re finished a drawing and ready to start another, shake to erase and start the fun all over again! Unplug with the Classics with Etch A Sketch Rubik’s Cube Edition!

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Two Classics Become One.

Etch out some playtime with Etch A Sketch And Rubik’s Cube. How can two simple toys contain so much mystery? We’ll never know, and that’s why they’re so much fun. In honor of Rubik’s Cube’s 40th and Etch A Sketch’s 60th anniversaries, we’ve teamed up to create a new modern classic. This Classic Etch A Sketch is the perfect collector’s item and makes a great gift for all ages.

The Magic Screen
Etch A Sketch - Step 1

Turn left knob to draw left and right.

Etch A Sketch - Step 2

Turn right knob to draw up and down.

Etch A Sketch - Step 3

Turn both knobs together for angles and curves.

Etch A Sketch - Step 4

When you're done, turn over and shake to erase.

Etch A Sketch - Step 5

Etch A Sketch is for ages 3+.

Etch A Sketch - Step 6

No batteries required. Let the fun last forever.